Kyklos Bikes

It seems if you were a pro cyclist you’ll inevitably have a bike in your name after retirement.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and certainly there are plenty of great bikes bearing the name of a racing legend – Merckx immediately comes to mind.  And Cipollini a more recent one.  Well, Danilo Di Luca has one too – the Kyklos.  Here are his road, tri, and mountain bikes to whet your appetite.

kyklos featherweight 2Kyklos rocket 2013Kyklos


Marin vs Giant

Marin 1IMG_2606

Pantani vs Montecci

Pantani we know.  Montecci?  From what we could gather, it’s not Italian, but rather, a small start up out of New York – a nicely spec’d carbon catalogue bike from our perspective.

Pantani neroMontecci 1

Isaac vs Kestrel

IMG_1704 Kestrel tt 1

Breezer vs Cube

2013-BREEZER_Cloud-9-Pro Cube 1

BMC vs Intense

bmc-fourstroke-fs02-xt-slx-2012-mountain-bikeIntense Carbine 1

Rotwild vs Silverback

Rotwild__RS2_Com_ Silverback 5

Airstreeem vs Garneau

Airstreeem Triple_EEE_team_edition 2014 blue blackGarneau Gennix 2013 black blue

Look vs Felt