Ghost Rider: 2013 Scapin Etika RC

We must admit, when it comes to night time riding, we’re not huge fans.  Potholes, road debris, sewer grates, and the like.  But sometimes we’re caught at dusk trying to speed home.  Lights and reflectors?  Too fred as we’re too vain.  Besides, the weight weenies inside of us won’t have it.  So what’s a roadie to do?  Spend 30 bucks on lights, or upwards of … Continue reading Ghost Rider: 2013 Scapin Etika RC

Eastway vs Volagi

A couple of new start ups – Volagi established by former Specialized employees; Eastway by UK bike distritbutor Fisher Outdoor Leisure – are pushing the disc brake evolution for road bikes.  The Volagi has been on sale for the past year, while Eastway will start selling bikes at the end of the month.  The Volagi geometry is designed for endurance riding. Pricing?  The Volagi Liscio … Continue reading Eastway vs Volagi