Foundry Cycles – the anti-bike

Love ’em or hate ’em, but some bikes look like rolling billboards to catch media airtime in today’s crowded world of advertising and sponsorships.  It’s understandable too, at least in pro cycling, as there’s little advertising space to begin with on the bikes; being in the lead group or in front of the peloton always helps.  But on your Saturday morning ride?

If you’re looking for a more understated-looking, but high-performance road bike, Foundry might be just the thing for you.  In their words, “Foundry believes that a bike is a tool, a means to an end – not a trophy. It’s about producing purpose built high-performance carbon bicycles that aren’t traveling billboards – they’re understated, they’re cool, they’re anti-pretentious, and they’re meant to be ridden.”  These are two of their road bikes:  the Riveter and the Thresher.  High-end components.  And notice the brakes.

Foundry riveter 2013 Foundry thresher 2013


10 thoughts on “Foundry Cycles – the anti-bike

  1. Nothing is worse than at the billboard bike – that ‘.com’ at the end drives me up a freakin’ wall! Specialized and Cannondale can get a little silly too.

    1. Would you say that for every single non-Chinese-carbon bike? These guys put in huge amounts of R&D money designing and testing these frames. Just because something looks like raw carbon doesn’t mean its open mold. They actually thought through this enough to put a 15mm thru-axle on the front end to compensate for the extra torsional forces of a disc brake on the road fork. A three-year exclusive partnership with SRAM/RockShox on the fork design. How about next time you do a little homework before you go writing of reputable brands.

      1. yet at the same time, “misty” has a point if their marketing angle is going with the un-branded no-name bike like the article positions

        spending gobs of money on great design and R&D without having a brand to assign all the goodwill towards will be an up-hill battle. sounds perfect for cyclists 😉

  2. I just ordered a Thresher B3 ($1,999.99). Getting a 105 drivetrain, carbon frame, AND discs (with a 15mm thru-axle) at that price point is exxxxxcellent.

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