Coke or Pepsi? Kingdom Hex

The Kingdom Bike Project is a group of European bike junkies, in their words, “raggers, racers, engineers and two wheeled clowns,” that develops and designs bikes they’d ride themselves.   We previously showcased their first bike, the Imperial. We thought we’d give them a shout out. They’ve designed their new all-mountain bike, the Hex, and are asking for your help/feedback/vote:  The Hex All-Mountain Pepsi / … Continue reading Coke or Pepsi? Kingdom Hex

Model Showcase: Merida Reacto Evo

Everyone has to have an aero-frame, and Merida is no different.  This is the new Reacto Evo, in Lampre Merida colours.  This particular bike belongs to Filippo Pozzatto. The overall design, dictated by aerodynamic efficiency, utilizes “Kamm-tail” aero-shapes…..looks suspiciously like BMC’s new TMR01.  And the brakes sports Shimano’s new twin-bolt design.  More pics on Facebook. Continue reading Model Showcase: Merida Reacto Evo