Fuji vs Orbea

2013_FUJI_Outland29_1_5_DOrbea 2


Piton vs Jan Janssen

Piton RF1Jan Janssen Venon Di2 2013

Drössiger vs Univega

Drössiger TNC3 29 2013Univega alpina-ht-29-6-2013

Moda vs Lee Cougan

Moda Finale 2013LeeCougan-2013-Drome-SL-105

WRC Carbon vs Torpado


Garneau vs Radon

Garneau Gennix 2013 black blueRadon spire-carbon-9-0

Rapha makes bikes?

Wearing appropriate and quality cycling clothes is pretty much essential if you’re a serious roadie/cyclist.  You’ll regret buying the cheap stuff when you’re mid-way into that century ride.

Companies like Rapha has been making the good stuff for a long time.  And for a while now they’ve also quietly collaborated with traditional framebuilders (read: non carbon fiber) to build “Rapha Edition” bikes, which we truly drool over.

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The Rapha AmaroRapha Amaro

The Rapha CremaCyclesRapha CremaCycles The Rapha EdelbikesRapha Edelbikes

Mano a Mano: Giant challenges Specialized

When the Specialized-McLaren Venge was released a couple of years back to huge fan fare – intentionally capitalizing on McLaren Car’s experience and expertise in aerodynamics, its rivals didn’t really have a response of their own; they had “aero” bikes, but with the credentials of McLaren?  Nada.

Until earlier this year when Giant announced – or claimed – that it’s new Propel Advanced SL is the fastest and most aerodynamic bike, period.

Well, last week Specialized publicly announced that it had just built a wind tunnel (hour-long video) specifically designed for their bikes with a bold tagline (or hashtag) “Aero is Everything”.  Utilizing social media, the bike giant (no pun intended), announced it on Facebook and Twitter, with a live Q&A session.

Not to be outdone this time, Giant immediately shot a challenge across Specialized’s proverbial bow by posting on Specialized’s own Facebook page (May 23) a mixture of congratulatory praise, tongue-in-cheek corporate ribbing, and subtle seriousness, “Congratulations on a beautiful wind tunnel. How about you put it to a true test by accepting Giant’s challenge to test our Propel Advanced SL 0 against your Venge S-Works Di2? Let’s see which bike truly is the most aero….once and for all. You pick the time, we’ll bring our bike. Do you accept? #aeroiseverything #ridelife”

This could be interesting, but as of today, Specialized has yet to respond.  We’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, what do you think?

2013 Giant giant-propelSpecialized venge pro 2013

Look vs Scatto

Look 586_digital series 2013Scatto night train 2013

Lee Cougan vs MMR

LeeCougan-2013-Drome-SL-105MMR MIRACLE_CENTAUR_PERFIL 2013