Cliiiimb by 4iiii

If you’re pursuing Strava KOM segments, new from 4iiii (read: four eyes) is the Cliiiimb that provides real-time audio and visual feedback, along with heart rate chest monitor.  Simply download a Strava app, link via ANT+, and when a segment begins, you can race against the time of another rider or your own PR.  The unit attaches to your sunglasses.  Released in November, the Cliiiimb … Continue reading Cliiiimb by 4iiii

There’s an app for that….Bike Fast Fit

It doesn’t matter how expensive or pretty your bike is; if it doesn’t fit, it soon becomes wall or garage art.   So, buy the best bike you can afford, make sure you like how it looks, and above all, make sure it fits.  While nothing beats a professional fitting, here’s a pretty cool review of a bike fit app that’s available for $2.99 on … Continue reading There’s an app for that….Bike Fast Fit

Hammerhead Navigation

Another crowd-funding project, this time from Dragon Innovation, is the Hammerhead – an all-round bike navigation tool that links with own native app, Strava, MapMyRide, and others that gives you turn-by-turn instructions, the best bike routes (crowd sourced), timed segments, while linking to your smartphone’s GPS.  The battery life is around 20 hours between charges, and even comes with built-in LED lighting.  We think it’s pretty … Continue reading Hammerhead Navigation