There’s an app for that….Bike Fast Fit

It doesn’t matter how expensive or pretty your bike is; if it doesn’t fit, it soon becomes wall or garage art.   So, buy the best bike you can afford, make sure you like how it looks, and above all, make sure it fits.  While nothing beats a professional fitting, here’s a pretty cool review of a bike fit app that’s available for $2.99 on iTunes, the Bike Fast Fit done by triathlete and blogger DC Rainmaker.  And yes, an app that helps you get fitted.  Looks promising.

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2 thoughts on “There’s an app for that….Bike Fast Fit

  1. Kind of excited… I’m heading in to get a full Body Geometry fitting done on the Venge (maybe if it’s raining tomorrow). I used the old-timer method – plumb bob, level and pedaling backwards with the heels on the pedals – to set mine up to the point where I can’t believe how comfortable it is… I’m really looking forward to seeing how I did, and if it can possibly get any better. Oh how awesome that would be.

    I’m still going to get that app so I can fit my wife and kids the same way. Too cool. Thanks for the post!

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