MG Tech bikes

French bike manufacturer, MG Tech, has designed a proprietary crankset with internal planetary gears that rotates 1.44 times faster than the pedal stroke.  The relatively smaller chainrings, with 25 and 37 teeth equates to 36 and 53 teeth, respectively.    With the smaller sizes – compared to a standard crank – the company claims it is easier to spin and to accelerate.    The technology … Continue reading MG Tech bikes

Rancormance – Basalt Fiber and Carbon Fiber

If you liked the Passoni Fidia and its carbon-titanium weave, not to be outdone by the Italians comes a new bike company from Spain, Rancormance, that boasts basalt-fiber and carbon fiber hybrid construction.   The company claims that while basalt fiber has similar strength, weight, and stiffness characteristics as carbon fiber, it absorbs vibrations better.   Thus, basalt fiber is used in the top tube, seat tube, … Continue reading Rancormance – Basalt Fiber and Carbon Fiber

2017 Passoni Fidia

Italian bike builder Passoni is known primarily for their exquisite titanium frames.  It’s one of those unicorn bikes that’s a treat if you happen come across one on your weekend ride.   For 2017 Passoni has entered the “carbon” realm, with its new Fidia model.  But, being what they are, the Passoni Fidia isn’t simpy just a carbon bike.  It’s a carbon-titanium bike – no, not … Continue reading 2017 Passoni Fidia

Manufacturer’s Showcase: Kemo Bikes

Kemo is a new bike brand that was introduced at EuroBike several months ago.  A project by two Italian brothers, the company claims the new carbon fiber strand – TeXtreme – is the next generation in carbon fiber technology, achieving a better balance between weight and stiffness, including reducing layers of strands. Their top tier model, the KE R8 as spec’d below with SRAM Red … Continue reading Manufacturer’s Showcase: Kemo Bikes

Manufacturer’s Showcase: Rockbikes of Japan

In a road bike world of trendy-carbon, always-in-fashion-titanium, and never-say-die steel / cro-moly, it seems that aluminum (or aluminium for those of you outside N. America) is becoming the rarer material, or at least more often overlooked.  Well, Specialized is firmly committed to its aluminum road bike offering, with the long lasting Allez line; they even produced a highly sought after S-Works Allez in limited … Continue reading Manufacturer’s Showcase: Rockbikes of Japan

Manufacturer’s Showcase: Gaulzetti Cicli

It’s really a great time to be a cyclist, roadie, biker, et al, these days, with material choices in carbon, steel varieties, titanium, and aluminum.  And while carbon is here to stay, there’s a definite resurgence in popularity for steel and titanium bikes – particularly in custom-builds – fitted out with modern componentry.  And what about aluminum?  The “big four” – Giant, Trek, Specialized and Cervelo – all offer them … Continue reading Manufacturer’s Showcase: Gaulzetti Cicli

Manufacturer’s Showcase: Vandeyk Contemporary Cycles

Out of Germany is a small group of craftsmen, artisans, and bike builders headed by one Arendt van Deyk.  They hand-build limited-run stainless-steel framed bikes, with top components from Enve Composites, Chris King, and Shimano.   The Vandeyk Purple Blast has been showcased here on Bike War: This is their Nightstream.  Shimano Di2 electronic shifting.  Enve bars, stem, seatpost.  And Enve wheels with Chris King hubs.  … Continue reading Manufacturer’s Showcase: Vandeyk Contemporary Cycles

Manufacturer’s Showcase: Crumpton Cycles

Based in Austin, Texas, boutique carbon bike builder Crumpton Cycles routinely makes frames in the sub-700 gram category.  That’s incredibly light.  You order the frame – based on their three models, the SL Road, Corsa M, Corsa Team, or commission a completely custom geometry – and you select the components and wheels of your choosing.  Then Nick Crumpton and his artisans will build your bike beautifully … Continue reading Manufacturer’s Showcase: Crumpton Cycles