MG Tech bikes

French bike manufacturer, MG Tech, has designed a proprietary crankset with internal planetary gears that rotates 1.44 times faster than the pedal stroke.  The relatively smaller chainrings, with 25 and 37 teeth equates to 36 and 53 teeth, respectively.    With the smaller sizes – compared to a standard crank – the company claims it is easier to spin and to accelerate.    The technology looks interesting.  So, does this equates to mechanical assistance or simply an innovative design evolution?



While MG Tech bikes are hand-built in France, but the frames are made completely in Italy.

2017-mgtech-road 2017-mgtech-chrono-triathlon-beyond-tt-white-orange


2 thoughts on “MG Tech bikes

  1. One must still throw down the watts to power the 53, no? There’s no such thing as free power, without an extra motor. Seems gimmicky to me. If I’m pushing a 53, dammit, I want the world to see that big bastard!

  2. Yeah, I’ve got my doubts as well. At it looks unnecessarily heavier than a standard crankset. Looking forward to more info from the company though as to the real world efficiency of it.

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