Manufacturer’s Showcase: Rockbikes of Japan

In a road bike world of trendy-carbon, always-in-fashion-titanium, and never-say-die steel / cro-moly, it seems that aluminum (or aluminium for those of you outside N. America) is becoming the rarer material, or at least more often overlooked.  Well, Specialized is firmly committed to its aluminum road bike offering, with the long lasting Allez line; they even produced a highly sought after S-Works Allez in limited numbers.

Rockbikes, is a relatively new company from Japan that’s chosen to release its initial line of quality road bikes, single speeds, and commuter/urban bikes in aluminum or cro-moly, at a wallet-friendly budget, nicely spec’d.  This Rocket road bike model goes for around  ¥110,000 yen, or $1,100, and the other models are similarly priced.

The Rocket

Rockbikes Rocket aluminum japan 2014

The Envy, cro-molyRockbikes envy-matte-black cro-moly 2014

The Missle, in aluminum

Rockbikes Missle aluminum japan 2014

The Jealousy, in cro-molyrockbikes jealousy_cro-moly 2014 classic steel purple

The Melancholy single speed, cro-molyRockbikes melancholy-sunburst-orange ss 2014


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