Manufacturer’s Showcase: Vandeyk Contemporary Cycles

Out of Germany is a small group of craftsmen, artisans, and bike builders headed by one Arendt van Deyk.  They hand-build limited-run stainless-steel framed bikes, with top components from Enve Composites, Chris King, and Shimano.   The Vandeyk Purple Blast has been showcased here on Bike War:


This is their Nightstream.  Shimano Di2 electronic shifting.  Enve bars, stem, seatpost.  And Enve wheels with Chris King hubs.  Price?  A princely €16,800, if you can get one – they were limited to just 25 bikes.

vandeyk -road-b2vandeyk-nightstream-2 vandeyk-nightstream-3 vandeyk-nightstream-6 vandeyk-nightstream-8

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