Oto Cycles E-bikes

If you thought E-bikes were, well, for Prius drivers, then we’d like you to think of these E-bikes from Oto Cycles as the Tesla S equivalent.  IOW, they’re pretty darn cool.  Made in Barcelona, Spain, these retro-looking cafe racers come in 250, 500, and 750 watt motor options, with disc, drum, or v-brake options, a nifty LED headlamp, and a variety of colour options.  The battery is hidden in the, you guessed it, “gas tank”, a range of between 45 and 60km, and up to 6 km/h without pedal assist.  The rest is up to you, with levels of “boost” à la Mario Kart.  Once, again, cool.

oto cycles 1Oto-Cycles-Otor-retro-cruiser-electric-bicycles01 (1) oto cycles 2Oto-Cycles-Otok-retro-cruiser-electric-bicycles01 Oto-Cycles-Otor-retro-cruiser-electric-bicycles01-1 Oto-Cycles-Otor-retro-cruiser-electric-bicycles02

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