2017 Passoni Fidia

Italian bike builder Passoni is known primarily for their exquisite titanium frames.  It’s one of those unicorn bikes that’s a treat if you happen come across one on your weekend ride.   For 2017 Passoni has entered the “carbon” realm, with its new Fidia model.  But, being what they are, the Passoni Fidia isn’t simpy just a carbon bike.  It’s a carbon-titanium bike – no, not simply carbon tube and titanium lugs (Firefly, Holland, Seven, No. 22 bikes come to mind) – but a carbon-titanium weave, similar to the type used in the uber-expensive Pagani Huayra supercar.  From Passoni, “Carbon and titanium filament are weaved together to create a carbon fabric structure with top performances. Carbon-Ti frame Fidia has the objective of giving the thrill of a carbon bike – light and agile – with the comfort given by its titanium soul.”

Enjoy!2017-passoni-fidia-black-carbon-campy-super-recordfidia-7 fidia-8 2017-fidia-1 fidia-2 fidia-3 fidia-4 fidia-6pagani_huayra_clear_carbon_edition-345008-pagani-hyayra-carbon-fiber-geneva

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