Manufacturer’s Showcase: Gaulzetti Cicli

It’s really a great time to be a cyclist, roadie, biker, et al, these days, with material choices in carbon, steel varieties, titanium, and aluminum.  And while carbon is here to stay, there’s a definite resurgence in popularity for steel and titanium bikes – particularly in custom-builds – fitted out with modern componentry.  And what about aluminum?  The “big four” – Giant, Trek, Specialized and Cervelo – all offer them in their production line up.  The reputed harsh ride has been largely dialed out with a combination of carbon fiber forks, seat mast, seat stays, and the latest generation aluminum alloys.  But if you want a custom aluminum build, you’ll have to go “east” – no, not the Far East – but east as in Boston, Massachusetts, to Gaulzetti Cicli.

Craig Gaulzetti will make a custom-geometry aluminum road bike for you from Italian Dedacciai 7000 series aluminum tubing, fitted out to your specifications.  His latest creation, the Corsa, debuted last month at the North American Handmade Bike Show.  More pics on our Facebook page.  We particularly love the monotone look and unique paint scheme, and the Chris King components in blue accents the bike even further.


Here’s Craig in a candid video describing his build philosphy into the making of the Corsa:

gaulzetti-corsa_hero Gaulzetti 12corsa5 Gaulzetti 12corsa1 Gaulzetti-Cicli-Corsa-road-bike1 2013 Gaulzetti chunder1

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