You live in a little box…Life Cycle ads

Advertising group DDB out of Singpore created a unique series of ads for a bicycle shop, Life Cycle, that’s garnered worldwide attention, and is a recipient of the Clio Awards for excellence in advertising and design.  The images are made of bicycle parts, and the messages are thought provoking on how bicycles can impact our lives.  We think they’re uber cool. Continue reading You live in a little box…Life Cycle ads

Get Smart: Helio Handlebars

The is the prototype Helios Handlebar System, with Bluetooth smart technology to increase rider safety.  A trio of young inventors and entrepreneurs are more than simply integrating LED lighting into bike handlebars – although that’s simplistically cool in its own right – at a powerful 500 Lumen.  They’re utilizing GPS technology with low power consumption (and no subscription required) to track your bike (or handlebar, should … Continue reading Get Smart: Helio Handlebars

Meanwhile, in Texas…..Ballroom Luminoso

A couple of industrial artists/sculptors have have displayed public art under a highway overpass in San Antonio, Texas.   Joseph O’Connell & Blessing Hancock created six 4′ “chandeliers” made primarily from old bicycle parts over a steel structure, and then integrated LED lighting to envelope the underpass in a remarkably elegant ambiance come dusk. The work is titled, “Ballroom Luminoso”.  Enjoy. Continue reading Meanwhile, in Texas…..Ballroom Luminoso

Welcome to Tron: Lumigrids Lightning System

We’ve showcased several innovative lighting designs for improving bike safety, and we’re happy to see the Lumigrids LED projector currently being developed for bicycles.  The best designs don’t need a whole lot of explanation, and this is one such design.  It projects square grids in the ground, and the rider will spot any irregularities in the grid translates to irregularities of the road surface.  It’s still … Continue reading Welcome to Tron: Lumigrids Lightning System

Pieces of art

When I was a kid, taking things apart of kind of a hobby for me.  The problem was, though, I most likely couldn’t put them back together very well.  From Nerf blasters to Walkmans, there were always some extra parts left over.  My dad was never quite appreciative of this, um, skillset, instead calling it being a destructive little sh*t 🙂 .  But apparently it’s … Continue reading Pieces of art