Get Smart: Helio Handlebars

The is the prototype Helios Handlebar System, with Bluetooth smart technology to increase rider safety.  A trio of young inventors and entrepreneurs are more than simply integrating LED lighting into bike handlebars – although that’s simplistically cool in its own right – at a powerful 500 Lumen.  They’re utilizing GPS technology with low power consumption (and no subscription required) to track your bike (or handlebar, should the would-be thief be just as quick thinking) anywhere from your mobile device, built in a speedometer to indicate speed by the changing colours of the LED lighting, embedded a turn signal on both bar ends, and for the hipsters at heart, ambient lighting to elevate your cool status even further.  Made from tried and true aluminum at this prototype stage, for around $200, in both straight and drop bar design.

Helios topview_black Helios brochure Helios-handlebar-with-lights-1 Helios-dropbar-integrated-lights-rear-view Helios brochure 2 Helios-bullbar-exploded-view-of-internals


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