Road Bike Party Part 2

Martyn Ashton’s back with Road Bike Party 2, after he sustained a near life-ending injury.  The original Road Bike Party, went viral and caused quite a sensation.  How many bikes did he use to make the first video?  One.  And slightly damaged a wheel.  Kudos to the Pinarello Dogma too.  This time he’s got help from a couple of his friends, on a Colnago.  Enjoy! Continue reading Road Bike Party Part 2

Cool Read: 100 years of TdF bikes

Here’s a cool blog read on Gizmodo highlighting the evolution of the Tdf race bike, such as, before  derailleurs were introduced, in 1937, riders would have to get off their bikes to switch gears; and before that, it was single speed! Also, Miguel Indurain was the last to win the Tour on a steel-framed bike, in 1994, on a 19.8lbs “Pinarello” rumoured to have been built … Continue reading Cool Read: 100 years of TdF bikes