Model Showcase: Quintana Roo Illicito


Before you’re quick to pounce on the non-drive side pic of the Quintana Roo….look closer.

This is their Illicito.  And you should notice that it’s lacking the left seat stay.  Weight-weeinism gone awry?  Nah.  Quintana Roo says their “SHIFT” technology redirects airflow from the front wheel to the clean side of the bike – the left side – instead of the drivetrain side, the dirtier side.  The claimed results?  It shifts 86% of the airflow away from the drag-producing drivetrain.  Does it decrease stiffness?  Not according to the company.  They’ve shaped the left chainstay that allows the SHIFT technology to work, and as such, is also more robust in shape and design compared to the right chainstay.


Quintana Roo_illicito 2013Quintana Roo Illicito-2013QR_Illicito_2013_stay

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