Bonking, Swedish style (NSFW)

Spend enough time on the saddle – any saddle – and you’ve bonked or been very close to it – simply no power or energy to pedal.  And we all deal with it a little differently.  Here’s a video of a mountain biker in Sweden, who simply can’t get pass a portion of trail…even after seven attempts.  How he deals with it, well, hilarity ensues.  We feel for the guy.

Warning:  not safe for work to our Swedish friends.  To the rest of us, slightly NSFW from the translation.  Not suitable for kids, mind you.

3 thoughts on “Bonking, Swedish style (NSFW)

  1. That dude who was laughing… What’s Swedish for, “it ain’t the bike’s fault, sparky!” Or better yet, “Hey, if you can’t mark it up in the granny gear, lose the helmet, the aerodynamics are all wrong, it’s holding you back!” That clip is priceless.

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