Model Showcase: 2014 Ceepo Viper

In order to stay in the forefront of the market these days, bike companies must offer an “aero” road bike and disc brake options.   Industry stalwarts like Colnago have been quick to adopt disc brakes, with their C59, while others like Trek and Look opted to integrate theirs into the front fork or below the bottom bracket.  There’s not yet a “standard” for these new technologies, but still, it’s interesting to see the 2014 model debuts.

Tri-specialist Ceepo have just introduced their 2014 Viper with disc brake set up.  And notice the CO2 cartridges on the chain stays?

2014 viper ceepo 2014_04_viper_co2 2014_02_viper_fin Ceepo Viper tt disc brake black 2014 2014_03_viper_disk


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