The Illegal Duo: Open Cycle’s 15 pounders

As previously showcased on Bike War, Open Cycles is a start-up by Cervelo co-founder Gerard Vroomen and former BMC CEO Andy Kessler.   This is their latest creation, in both rigid and leaf  spring fork versions: the Ora and the Lola, based on their 0-1.0 frame.  The pair are simply dubbed the Illegal Duo.  If you think your road bike that is within UCI’s 15lb (6.8kg) spec is impressive, Open’s is just as light…..especially for a mountain bike.

While the price has been set for those with deep pockets ($6,700 for the frame sans wheels or groupset), the production run – at least for the rigid forked Ora, has been set at just 10 units.  Yes, just 10.


open-Illegal-duo-ORA-and-LOLA-3 open-Illegal-duo-ORA-and-LOLA-4 open-Illegal-duo-ORA-and-LOLA-2 open-Illegal-duo-ORA-and-LOLA-5 open-Illegal-duo-ORA-and-LOLA-1

3 thoughts on “The Illegal Duo: Open Cycle’s 15 pounders

  1. Hmmm… I’m a big fan of function over weight weenie status – don’t get me wrong, 15 pounds for a mountain bike is AWESOME! But that isn’t a mountain bike, it’s a hybrid. I’d never use a bike with no front suspension on my local trails, that would be suicide (or bike-icide)… Riding a hard tail is bad enough.

    On the other hand, she sure is pretty!

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