Masciarelli vs Canyon

Masciarelli stealth-tt bike 2013Canyon speedmax-cf-tria 2013

4 thoughts on “Masciarelli vs Canyon

  1. The Canyon is a prettier bike, but HUGE points go to Masciarelli for the paint scheme… That’s brilliant and awesome. I also love the ‘no neck’ design on the new TT bike too. Great matchup.

    1. Yes, Masciarelli – dad and three sons – launched their 2013 collection stateside a few months ago all with very ‘patriotic’ paint schemes. They’re still a relatively new company, and their T1000 roadbike is a sub-700 gram frame made in Italy. Hope they do well here.

    1. Long, straight and relatively flat roads are any TT bike’s forte vs road bikes. Deep wheels will obviously affect it in crosswinds. Comfort? Depends on fit and conditioning, as most non-professionals wouldn’t be able to sustain that huge seat-to-handlebar drop for very long. Thanks for commenting!

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