Specialized vs Silverback

Specialized Venge Expert 2014 white light blue2014 silverback scalera 2 blue white ultegra

3 thoughts on “Specialized vs Silverback

  1. The Specialized is the Venge Ultegra Comp – and the only bike I wish I could have afforded when I bought my Venge Comp (and the only one I envy now that I’ve ridden mine). It has the full Ultegra line of components though it keeps the FSA Gossamer Pro Compact (52/36) – the crank has a huge plus and a huge minus… The plus is the 36-t small chain ring which allows easy climbing well north of 12% inclines on a double setup. The downside is that it’s HEAVY. Still, with the Fulcrum wheels and the lighter Ultegra components (mine’s got 105), I’d bet it’s tipping the scale right around the 17 pound mark – that is one formidable race bike and with a list price of $3,400, it simply can’t be beaten. The list on my 105 Comp was $3,700 (though I didn’t pay anywhere near that). That is one special machine right there… But you already knew I liked it, eh?

    1. Sorry for the later reply – been traveling. I always suggest when deciding between bikes – assuming they all fit, to buy the best frame first, as you can always upgrade the gruppo/components later. That’s exactly what you have – a really great frame. And truth be told, the 105 gruppo is excellent and more capable than the great majority of non-pro roadies will ever need.

      1. I definitely like the 105’s – no complaints whatsoever – but I’ve got a ’99 5200 with Ultegra components and the shifting is much snappier and super smooth. I’m probably being nitpicky.

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