Model preview: 2014 Lapierre Aircode

It seems that everyone needs to have an “aero” bike in their lineup, even though for mere mortals – read: mamils – middle-aged-men-in-lycra – the advantages are minuscule.  But we realize it makes for good post-ride coffeeshop chatter.  Here’s Lapierre’s new aerobike, the Aircode:  obligatory Kamm-tail down tube, faired in front brakes, hidden rear brakes by the bottom bracket, teardrop shape seat tube – all detail touches to streamline airflow better.

2014-lapierre-aircode-aero- red white blue dura

Lapierre says you may also get an aero seat post, depending on the model, as shown below on the FDJ team bike (interestingly, it shows a standard brake setup, which the company has yet to confirm which type will be released to the public).  2014-lapierre-aircode-aero-road-bike red blue white ultegra

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