Time vs Kuota

2014 time zxrs red black campy super record eps2014 Kuota _KURARO-BLACK-WHITE-RED campy super record

3 thoughts on “Time vs Kuota

  1. I’m curious about your opinion on the 50’s rims vs. the 80’s. Obviously the 50’s are better in a crosswind, but the question I have is, are the 80’s any better aerodynamically?

    1. Well, neither of those are recommended in Kona – my favourite go-to vacation spot. The merits of aerobikes and deep wheels are documented……for the pros over a 40-50km tt it’ll shave seconds. But for mere mortals, it’s more aesthetic, IMO.

      1. And that last point is the trick… I think the 80’s are ugly. The 50’s are kind of cool I suppose but I’ve always preferred the 38’s as far as aesthetics go. I guess it’s a personal thing.

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