Felt vs Pinarello

2015 Felt IA2 yellow black tt dura acePinarello bolide_832 yellow 2014 dura ace tt

3 thoughts on “Felt vs Pinarello

    1. Didn’t till you mentioned it. So which did you go with? I’m heading to Kona for spring break, and will do the Ironman route on my road bike, again. Still haven’t convinced my wife I “need” a tribike. 🙂

      1. Tri bikes are cool (and fast) for sure, but that’s a lot of cash to lay out for a solo bike. Happy to say I love my road bike enough that I can’t even convince myself I need a Tri bike. 😉

        Still, I voted for the Felt. She’s a beaut and pretty light too… For a Tri bike. The FRD is only 19 pounds – pretty spectacular for that much bike (the IAD you show didn’t have a weight on the website).

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