Pulling your strings: Stringbike concept

New from Budapest, the Stringbike.  It’s intersting to say the least, with a healthy does of skepticism, however.  But more power to those who continue to push the boundries of technology.

Stringbike 12Stringbike 16Stringbike 13Stringbike 1


8 thoughts on “Pulling your strings: Stringbike concept

      1. Yeah, that is the killer. There is a lot of force being generated in the chain even by a keen amateur like myself. As soon as you add an incline and dance on the pedals, the force is even more. It could work if the “string” is like the carbon belt drive that Trek were chucking on their urban bikes.

  1. Oh, and somebody needs to tell the boys from Budapest that the shifter cables on a TT bike go inside the handles.

    Really cool concept though!

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