Triple Treat: Argon 18 vs Specialized vs Trek

2016 Argon 18 Nitrogen Pro red black dura ace 22016 Specialized S-Works Venge Dura ace di2 blackNew-Trek-Madone-Aero-road-bike-2016-9

5 thoughts on “Triple Treat: Argon 18 vs Specialized vs Trek

    1. I went with the Venge… First, you already know I have one so I’m biased, but the Argon is tough for me to get in Michigan. The Trek, with its seat mast, is set up for H2 and I’m an H1 (for at least another ten years, maybe 20) so I’m guessing I have to get the proper size to make the geometry work right…. With the Venge Vias I can get a size smaller, peg the saddle, slam the stem and ride with a smile. Besides, the Venge’s brake setup is just awesome. They do need to fix that stem/steering tube interface. Awesome post.

      1. Thanks! LBS has a demo, exactly as pictured. I enquired my size – an XS or S – and it won’t be available till April/May if I ordered now. And the whole stem/steering/handle bar design takes some getting used to.

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