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Welcome to Bike War!  As you’re probably more than aware, the 2017’s are here  and more are being released everyday. The growing trend for this year and next are “aero” bikes, and all-road or gravel bikes.  Disc-brake equipped roadbikes are still evolving and while it’s a “must-have” for manufacturers to offer it in their line ups, amongst roadies we’ve seen and talked to, the jury is still out on their desirability on pavement – at least until the UCI and the pro’s decide.

So again, a brief intro for our new visitors, Bike War rates bikes against each other, pretty much arbitrarily, and for the simple fun of it.   We don’t pretend to be experts on road bikes – lots of resources on the ‘net for that already.  Realizing that there are tons of cools bikes out there, we’ve included a little bit of commentary on some of the lesser known bikes, or new bikes.  And no, we can’t cover all or every type of bike, so you’ll see a little bit of bias towards carbon fiber, modern bikes, and road bikes.   But that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate vintage steel, touring bikes, folding or even BMX’s.  (And we certainly love titanium frames.)  This is just a fun-on-the-side gig for us, and we still have day jobs!

So these will remain as Bike War’s broad categories: road bikes, time trial / triathlon bikes, cyclocross bikes, singlespeed / track bikes and fixies, mountain bikes, and randonneuring bikes.

There you have it, still lots of eye candy.  If you would like your bike highlighted here, send the pic to:  bikewar99@gmail.com .  The clearer the picture, the better.  And don’t forget to include specs.  Check back daily, or better yet, subscribe via email. Enjoy!


Bike War


149 thoughts on “About Bike War

  1. Thanks for the recent ‘like’. I’m very happy to have found your site, as I’m heavily into bikes (road and MTB). I’ll certainly be back for more. The site design looks super for your purposes – nice and ‘clean’.

  2. Thanks for liking my post about poor (young) David Thomas Newitt and his bike accident. Have only just started my blog so it’s exciting that someone is actually READING it!!

    1. Yes, I enjoy all (ok, most) things cycling. If you look at the average speeds of the Tour de France, it hasn’t increased too significantly over the past dozen years or so. But in 1922, despite their more basic steel construction, cyclists can still pedal at a good clip. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Thanks for the like; I only kicked off the new site last night. That was quick!
    BTW, have you ever done a comparison of a Brompton vs a Moulton? The grand old Dr Moulton died just this week, so it’d be a somewhat fitting tribute of sorts.

    1. Your blog is quite informative! We’re looking into folding bikes right now. It seems there are a few readers in Europe and Asia who are keen on seeing folding bikes too. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Even though I’m a runner…damn, I want a bike!! Nice site. Love the banner photo- it’s perfect. Mountain biking is my someday dream…

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking my post. All the best!

  5. Hi thanks for the like on my blog post!
    My oh is really into mountain biking and is looking for a new dual suspension MTB at the moment. Your site looks like it would help him get some ideas.

    1. Great idea! Old debate between practicality and pride….”real” roadies feel they don’t need a “granny gear” but often it’s just practical, especially if they’re not competing. We’ll take a look at some groupsets. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Thanks for liking my post on “A Date with Cinderella.” I am impressed with the collection of bikes you have on your blog. I’ll keep your blog in mind if we do see bikes in Cyprus.

  7. Thanks for liking my post about Japanese Metabolism! Are you familiar with that style of architecture?
    Tokyo is the city I am most confident in to use a bike. It seems a bit perplexing, considering the amount of people and “illegal” spots to lock the bike, not to mention scattered inclines and common obedience of traffic laws…but it’s great exploring the countless neighborhoods, eateries and buildings at a leisurely pace.

  8. G’day! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking “Never too late”. Although our modes of transport are vastly different! it’s great to be in touch. God bless, cowboy up (what do you say in the bike world?) and keep the brands hot!

  9. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I’m hoping once I get settled in Samar (Philippines) to meet a small biking group and assist with helping the club to grow. Will check back often.

    1. We enjoy reading travel blogs, and yours is interesting to read! Send us a pic of your Surly – one of the best randonneuring bikes in our opinion – and we’ll post it! Thanks for commenting.

  10. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I used to be an avid cyclist in the UK but sadly don’t do much any more. I am going to recommend your blog to a friend of mine here in Jamaica who is a bicycling fanatic! Happy New Year and do visit again soon!

  11. Thanks for following my blog — welcome to 4GWAR.
    You have a mighty interesting site here yourself. I’m going to follow U and hope I learn something since I’m a weekend bike duffer.

  12. Happy New Year! Thank you kindly for visiting Ancestreats dot com & liking our “Coquito” recipe post. We do hope you visit again soon! And, perhaps you have a carbo-loading recipe to share with our global community; a fav before a long ride.

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. We love food, and food blogs! Let me think about carb-loading recipes…the first that come to mind are ones that you tear the package and squeeze the contents mid-ride, lol. 🙂

  13. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I’m putting up a post tonight you might enjoy. It’s a vlog about my boyfriend airbrushing a motorbike for a friend. Should be a good one! Thanks again for stopping by! x

    1. Thanks for visiting this blog! Bike shopping is fun and rewarding. Use the search tool here as there such a huge variety of bikes here. Good luck in your bike hunt!

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